VolunteerMark Sponsorship Program

Organizations can conduct their events seamlessly with the help of not one, but multiple sponsors! Likewise, Sponsors will gain significant promotion and visibility and also avail custom benefits from Organizations.


About Sponsorship Program

Organizations and Sponsors come together on a single platform for this program. We offer three Sponsor Benefit Plans (Platinum, Gold and Silver) that include several entitlements and can be customized according to the Sponsors’ needs, including selecting the Organization(s) of their choice.

As soon as they opt for the program, Organizations can begin using the Royale Plan subscription free of cost for one year. The subscription fee is gradually deducted from the sponsorships received. Example: For every $100 donation, the Organization and VolunteerMark receive $50 each until the subscription limit of $1,500 for the Royale Plan is reached. Once done, the Organizations can claim 100% of the Sponsorships. Organizations can not only customize the existing Sponsor Benefit Plans, but create their own plans as well.

Advantages of Sponsorship Program


  • Select the organization that will meet your brand's needs
  • Enhance brand visibility through organization website
  • Brand promotion (logo) via email
  • Avail Custom Benefits from Organizations
  • Significant Media coverage
  • Build good relations with clients
Frequently asked questions
Do Organizations (non-profits) & Sponsors have to be VolunteerMark customers?

In order to receive sponsorships, Organizations must be subscribed to VolunteerMark. However, a Sponsor needn't be a VolunteerMark customer.

Does it cost anything to be a Sponsor?

Sponsors will not be charged an additional fee to donate to an organization. For Example: If you donate $10, your credit card will be debited by only $10, not a penny more.

Can the Sponsor Benefit Plans be customized?

Yes. Organizations can customize available slots and the entitlements for the existing Sponsor Benefit Plans. They can also create their own Plans.

Based on the level of the plans they select (Platinum, Gold & Silver), Sponsors can request for custom entitlements too.

How can Organizations get Sponsors to donate?

We have an e-mail invite option available in the Organization page where the email can be customized as per the organization's requirements and can be shared with potential sponsors.

Where are the Sponsor details published?

Sponsor Details are all published on a separate tab in the organization page itself. The Sponsors are categorized based on the Benefit Plans that they select.

If my NPO signs up for the Sponsorship Program, must we sign a contract?

A contract needn't be signed to opt for the Sponsorship Program.

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